Saving Souls

We believe a church should exist to bring hope because Jesus came to 'Seek and Save the Lost'. When God's love enters a person's heart, things will not remain the same. 

In 2016, it is our prayer that through our various meetings and services, many will find God and a purpose and joy for living !


Making Disciples

We are called to influence and make a difference in our world! To help impact lives one at a time. Jesus says to His people in Mathew 28:19 to go and make disciples of all nations. Our 2016 discipleship program is aimed at envisioning people to follow Jesus in a deeper way.

Its exciting for us to develop empowered lives that overcome old bad habits, to be unafraid to take on new challenges and to fully embrace God's purposes and Destiny for our lives! Discipleship is one of the keys that will get us there!


Building Churches

The church is made of communities of people who love God and serve God together. The church is God's way to provide a place of safety, warmth and protection so that His people can grow and enjoy community.

Together we are called to love and build His church!

In 2016, we want to continue help fulfil God's purpose of building His church, by strengthening and encouraging the local church community and by helping to start new groups in different locations in Adelaide, Australia and around the world!