He touched my heart in all the sessions


Few weeks before the conference, I was really stressed with all the assignments and homework from uni. There was a time when I doubted whether I could getthrough those few weeks. 

Just before the conference, I wasn’t expecting anything from God and didn’t know what to expect. 

During one of the sessions, I wasn’t sure what He is trying to show me but I felt a peace in my heart.  What was really amazing was that He didn't just touch my heart in one of the sessionsbut He touched my heart in all the sessions

I was strengthened and find myself tearing during the altarevery time. 

He showed me that His love and His care will never lessen but will increase over time. Even though the path ahead of me might be tough but He will lead me through and will never let go of me.  I felt really blessed because I went to the conference not expecting anything but have received much more than what I expect. 

God knows what we need and He knows it better than anyone. This conference has replenished my spiritual tank to prepare me to move forward for more challenges ahead.  God’s presence was right there at the conference and He just kept pouring out blessings upon people. 

It was an amazing conference!  I can’t wait for the conference in 2017 and excited about what He will do. 

Stefanie Then