Thank you and thank you a zilliooonnn


Hi Conference Team ,
I know this is a bit late but I want to thank the Conference Team who have served through-out the whole conference, and through the entire marathon schedule of this ‘Supernatural’ Conference!  You are all a sweet blessing to my family and to us all. 

I'm so thankful to God to for giving me the faith to bring my entire householdFULL TIME to meet God at this Supernatural Conference in the midst of so many challenges.  All my kids - from Benji (my 4 yrs son to my eldestJia) were so excited and enthusiastic throughout the entire conference!

Every kid was touched and got to know God personally.  My wife ,  Anna received a great encounter with the Holy Spirityesterday and I was left flat on the altar floor after receiving a fresh anointing.  God gave me theboldness to ask for more of God's power tonight.

So, thank you all for making time & making all the sacrifices for the conference and for my family.  We want to applaud and give a BiG Thank You to all of you- esp Ps Brendan and Ps Helenand all guest pastors whom came to impart.  Ps Richard was phenomenal!

Thank you and thank you a zilliooonnn. I believe there is more to come for Hope Adelaide.

Mic, Anna and family