What a privilege to be part of this!


Dear Pastors Brendan and Helen, 

Thank you so much for the fantastic opportunity and privilege you gave us of ministering at the school of Supernatural.

I have been so inspired by working with your team and the joy that they carry along with the quality at which they deliver God's service. I also found the sermons extremely faith building, and the times with God very touching.

Thank you for drawing out the gifts God has put on our lives. I feel that God has used the conference to re-ignite a flame of prophetic/spirit-lead worship in me. I also really enjoyed getting to know your youth, and felt very privileged to be able to impart in their lives. Thank you for calling Soph Shem, and I to work as a team your team have taken great care of us and it has been a lot of fun :D.

Thank you so much for the gift, I love it! And the monetary gift also, so generous of you guys. May God bless your Church far above and beyond what has gone into this Conference!

I am very inspired by all of you and look forward to hopefully working together more in the future. Perhaps for an overseas missions trip or another conference. I am excited to see what amazing things God has in store next as he continues to restore broken lives and reconcile people to himself. What a privilege to be part of this!

Lots of love, Melody Wittwer

Hope Busselton