Kids Church

The children’s ministry is about introducing children to a God who loves them, helping them to feel secure in God’s love, and building them up. We aim to make a difference in the lives of children and the generations to come. There are two roles in the Kid’s Church; Teacher and Helper.

We have two classes:

Little Stars: Age 3 to 7

Reflectors: Age 8 to 12

Youth Ministry

Our teenagers are very precious and we need to nurture, encourage, teach and love them as they make crucial life decisions that impact their lives for decades to come. We have just started our new youth group and hope to build a thriving community where young people can build genuine friendships, grow in their faith and be fully equipped to face life's challenges.

We need your help to ensure this vision comes to pass in Hope Adelaide!


Creche Clean up

Our vision is to provide a warm, safe and clean environment for parents to nurse and nurture their babies, and be a part of the Sunday Morning service at the same time.

If you are a parent or someone who shares the same concerns and have a vision to make the crèche a better place for parents and their babies – this is the job for you! Feel free to allow your creative juices to run to make the crèche a bet- ter place.

The job includes;
ensure the toys are clean and safe for babies
help mind the kids if necessary
liaise with the mums or parents on a regular basis to ensure both babies and parents are well taken care of