Payment/Refund/Transfers & Cancellations Policy

Full payment is due upon registration. No refunds for cancellations or booking changes are possible after 1 July 2020. Transfers may be allowed at the discretion of the church.



I hereby agree to indemnify,release and hold harmless, the church, its employees, and volunteers against any and all claims arising from, or in connection with, any injury, accident, misfortune, damage or loss that may occur to myself/ my child and /or my/their property, equipment or personal effects while present at the event and within the event premises, including any injury that myself/my child may cause to another person.


Medical Consent

I give permission for the church’s authorized staff and volunteers to obtain emergency medical, hospital or ambulance assistance at any time they consider necessary. I understand that every effort will be made for the registrant or my emergency contact listed above to be notified before instituting such procedures. I acknowledge that I will be liable for any and all medical/hospital/ambulance costs and expenses incurred in the registrant’s or my child’s treatment.

Disclaimer regarding Child registrants ( those under 18 years of age )

I acknowledge that if I am a youth leader, church leader or adult friend and have completed this form on behalf of a person under the age of 18 years; I have done so with the permission and consent of the child’s parent/guardian and have been given the responsibility of caring for the child whilst at the conference and take full responsibility for the child. 

If I am a parent/guardian of the person under the age of 18 years of age attending the event, I hereby confirm and acknowledge my child attends at their own risk and I allow this with full knowledge of the risks associated and confirm my child is not the responsibility of the church, its employee or volunteers. 


Media Waiver

In registering for the Hope Church Adelaide Conference 2020, registrants grant permission to the church’s authorized staff and volunteers to take and to have full and free use of videos/photographs containing their image/likeness. It is understood this images may be used for promotion, news, online/multimedia/research and/or education purposes by the church. Registrants agree that they are not entitled to remuneration, residuals, royalties or any other payment from the church in respect of their image/likeness or its use.