In the book of Revelation, we read of John’s vision of heaven in which every tribe, every tongue and people from every nation are represented before the eternal throne of God worshipping and giving Him the glory due to His name.  God shows no favouritism, and Jesus died for the sake of all of humanity. 

The Lord desires all to come to know Him, and He commissions His church to “go into all the world” to declare the good news of eternal life to all those who believe!

Therefore each local church should have a strong heart to not only reach its local area but also to support missions and outreaches to other parts of their region and even internationally. 

As part of an international apostolic church planting movement we have the privilege of existing relationships with churches around the world that we can support and pray for as our dear brothers and sisters in common vision to extend the Kingdom of God. 

Some of those churches (see photos of pastors in Africa and India) are in particular relationship with our ministry here in Australia and so we have direct influence and responsibility to support these regions. 

While conducting crusades and pastors training meetings the Lord regularly does miracles of healings and deliverance to confirm His word.  This is very encouraging, as we have now seen numerous deaf ears opened by God’s grace and the prayer of faith.  Many souls have been saved over the years during the crusades to support the local churches in Africa and India. 

Consequently we encourage our members and leaders to get involved in missions – by prayer, by interstate trips, by supporting teams travelling to international pastors training meetings in India and Africa, and by giving to these oversees churches.  Some of our pastors oversees only earn about $2 (100 Indian Rupees) per week.  Surely we can assist our brothers and sisters in their labour of love for the Lord to be more effective by supporting them in prayer and financially.